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Zip Explorer

Zip Explorer is a fast and easy to use disk catalog program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP. It is designed for use with any type of removable or fixed disk, including CD-ROM, CD-R/CD-RW, Castlewood Orb, Iomega Zip/Jaz, 3.5" Floppies, and hard disks. If the disk is accessible from Windows, you can use it with Zip Explorer. The user interface is familiar; if you know Windows Explorer, you know Zip Explorer. The contents of your zip files can be automatically cataloged and presented as regular folders with subfolders. Organise catalogs in categories and restore files using Drag & Drop for both zipped and ordinary files/folders.

To catalog your disks using Zip Explorer is safe and non-intrusive; the program reads your disks using only standard Windows functions. It never creates or modifies any files on the disk it catalogs. The catalogs are stored on your hard disk, so you can search and browse all your removable disks without physically loading a single one. If you want to check the contents of a file, simply double-click it and Zip Explorer will tell you which disk to insert in the drive. Once available, the file will be opened using the program associated with the file type.

Download / Registration

A free 30 day trial version download is available here: (self-extracting installation file).
If you would like to purchase the registered version, please use the PayPal "Buy Now" button below. Payments via PayPal are secure and may be funded with a credit card. Please fill in all details, including the amount (25 Euro). For questions, please send an , using "Zip Explorer" in the subject line. Delivery of the registered version will be via email after I have received full payment.

Legal Notice: The software application "Zip Explorer" is not produced or sold, offered, maintained, sponsored or endorsed in any way by the Iomega Corporation. The author is not and has never been in any way connected to the Iomega Corporation. The term "Zip Explorer" refers to the fact that the program is fast and is able to catalog and explore compressed zip files. The term does not refer to, and must not be confused with, any trademark owned by the Iomega Corporation.

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