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SonOfSpam is an email spam protection program for Windows: It is a ruthless serial killer. It monitors your POP3 mailbox from your own machine without downloading the messages, and kills detected spam/virus without much negotiation. This way, it helps keeping the volume of mailbox junk manageable until you connect with your email program.

Who needs SonOfSpam? Well, typically, you may have a (permanent) internet connection with limited download capacity and a mailbox account with a limited disk quota. At some stage you begin to receive a lot of spam and virus messages. These messages threaten to either fill up your mailbox on the server or it is simply too much to download to your computer. Granted, some ISPs provide spam/virus filters on the server, but such filters may not have the features you need, or you simply have no control over how they work.

SonOfSpam can help! It logs on to your POP3 account at regular intervals, looks for virus/spam according to your definition, and when such virus/spam is found it is automatically deleted off the server, and you never have to download it. Analyses have shown that in some cases this can shave off up to 80-90% of the required download volume.


If you download and find the program useful, a small donation would be welcome. The donation can be submitted via PayPal using the "Make a Donation" button below. Please be sure the program works for you first, donations will not be returned. Donations may be funded by a credit card.
SonOfSpam main window
This software is Copyright (c) Carsten A. Arnholm.

Disclaimer: The author regularly uses the software on several of his computers and firmly believes that the software is without any damaging effect. Nevertheless, the author accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from use of the software and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The software is provided "AS IS" and the author does not assume or accept any risk by its use.

Download: By downloading, you agree that any use of the software is at your own risk.

SonOfSpam Features

Your mail server must be a POP3 server (very common these days, check with your ISP). SonOfSpam provides the following interesting features:

POP3 server message preview

You can preview the list of messages currently in your POP3 server mailbox via the Edit button:

Any messages identified as spam/virus by is shown as checked (i.e. already deleted), and the status is shown as the name of the filter that caused a positive identification. Other messages can be manually deleted by checking the check box at left, follwed by pressing the "Delete checked messages" button.

Full message preview

It is possible to preview the full message contents by right clicking individual messages and selecting "Preview as text". The whole message will be downloaded from the server and saved as a .txt file. The program associated with .txt files (typically Notepad) will be used for previewind the message. This is safe for all types of messages, but HTML formatted messages may be difficult to read.

Filter definitions

The SonOfSpam filters are defined in an XML text file called "SonOfSpam.XML", placed in the same directory as the program itself. A complete sample filter definition is available with the program download. Any text editor can be used for editing the filter. If found useful, a more dedicated XML editor can also be used.

A summary of the XML tags used are: