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Personal Task Manager

Personal Task Manager (PTM) is a personal time tracker system that allows you to simply say what you are working on now, and PTM generates the time sheet for you automatically. Tasks for work in the past are easily added. The data is stored on your computer with start and end times, enabling the system to balance your work sheet automatically.

Unlike most other systems, PTM works by allowing you to tell the system when you move to another task. You then simply switch to that task by double clicking in a list of existing tasks, or by typing a new task name. Pre-declaration of tasks is not required. The system keeps track of the actual time span for each task. You never work on more than one task at any one time, so if you add a correction later, any existing tasks are automatically adjusted.

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Setup PersonalTaskManager_setup_V1.0-02.exe

Full install/uninstall is provided. The program offers 40 day free trial, after which a license must be purchased. See the "Register" tab in the application for how to purchase a license.


Software Registration

Paypal and Bitcoin supported. Please download Personal Task Manager and follow the procedure 1-4 as shown below to purchase a license.