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Here are my Uranus images, not too many at the moment, not so easy target!

Below is shown Uranus on Oct 11, 2004. The planet was barly visible over my observatory wall. Below is a star chart from Megastar. There are probably a couple of Uranian moons visible as well. Click image for full size!

The image below shows Uranus and 2 of its major moons, Titania and Oberon. Move the mouse in and out of the picture to see identification of the moons! The planet is larger than in real life, several 33 second exposures were employed, and the glare from the planet "bleeds all over the place" and hides at least 3 other moons (Ariel, Umbriel and Miranda) that cannot be seen in the image. The outer three stars are in the image (from left to right) GSC 5806-1023, -936 and -1040.

Imaging details:
Capture time: Aug 08, 2003 23:52 UT
Telescope: C8 @ f10
Camera: Vesta 675K SC1
Exposure: 16x33 sec (very misty conditions) K3CCDTools
Dark frames: 15x33 sec (long cloud period allowed many dark frames)
Processed with K3CCDTools