wxScopeServer demo

wxScopeServer is available in full C++ source code, see the download section on the main wxAstroCapture page.

Why wxScopeServer?

Some telescopes have native guiding support in wxAstroCapture using serial or parallel ports directly. This includes ST4, LX200, Celestron NexStar and PowerFlex MTS3. For such telescopes you can autoguide without wxScopeServer by selecting Port interface, a suitable serial or parallel port and the relevant protocol.

For other telescopes, wxScopeServer offers a way to connect to any telescope with just a little programming.

What is wxScopeServer?

The scope server is a small program that serves as a TCP/IP server receiving Bridge Interface guiding commands from wxAstroCapture. wxScopeServer forwards the guiding instruction to any telescope controller using serial communication or any other suitable method. As an example, one could implement ASCOM support on Windows this way (in fact, we would like you to do it and offer it for others to use!).

wxScopeServer can run on the same computer as wxAstroCapture, but also on another computer in a network. You can for example run wxAstroCapture on Linux and wxScopeServer on Windows. To specify that wxScopeServer is running on the same computer as wxAstroCapture, specify localhost for the Bridge interface host. The scope server uses port 5618 for connections. You can alternatively specify the host as the IP-address or name of another computer in your network where wxScopeServer is running.

Which telescopes does wxScopeServer demo support?

None. It is a demo project intended to be the starting point for implementing support for new controllers or platform specific interfaces like ASCOM or INDI. But you can test the demo by downloading one of the binaries for Windows or Linux and observe how guiding activates the four buttons in the wxScopeServer window. If you implement a real scope server, these buttons can be used for manual guiding/fine adjustments also.

News for Windows users 20. September 2009 - ASCOM autoguiding

Thanks to the efforts of Tom and Joost Zalmstra of the Netherlands, Windows users can now autoguide with ASCOM devices using the astrocaptureserver. In this open source implementation, ASCOM autoguiding is made available via wxAstroCapture's "Bridge interface", just like this wxAstroCapture demo server.

More info and download of ASCOM autoguider server: astrocaptureserver

If you have any questions, please ask in the wxAstroCapture Yahoo group

I want to implement a wxScopeServer for a real telescope, what do I do?

It is assumed that you understand the C++ programming language. Then download some free programming tools Please inform the wxAstroCapture Yahoo group about the new implementation. We would like to consider it for general use by other users.