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wxAstroCapture installation - Linux (.deb)

Installation on Linux is primarily based on .deb files (Debian files).
Supported debian based distributions include: (K)ubuntu 7.10,8.04

(See How to install on RPM Linux for SuSE and other RPM based distributions.)

Linux - Prepare for installation :

This procedure assumes you have the GDebi package installer available. It is not strictly required to use Gdebi, but if you prefer using an installer with a graphical user interface, it is quite handy. If you do not have Gdebi installed, use the OS package manager to install it (i.e. Adept Manager in Kubuntu).

Alternatively, without Gdebi, you can install wxAstroCapture directly from a terminal command line as follows

$ dpkg -i wxastrocapture_x.y-z_i386.deb

Linux - install .deb file:

wxastrocapture_x.y-z_i386.deb - if your os architecture is 32bit Intel
wxastrocapture_x.y-z_amd64.deb - if your os architecture is 64bit AMD

In Konqueror (or Dolphin), right-click the .deb file and select "Open With | GDebi Package Installer".

Click "Install Package" to complete program installation:

Run wxAstroCapture from the system menu

Now that you have the program up and running, you may also want to consult the instructions for
enabling long exposures via parallel port.

See also Quickstart instructions.