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Long exposure webcam autoguiding

LxGuideStar is freeware.

With LxGuideStar you can autoguide your telescope with a long exposure modified webcam. You can autoguide on stars at least as as faint as Mag 10 when using only a 60mm refractor and an SC3 BW webcam. Parallel(LPT) or serial (COM) ports are supported for webcam long exposure control.

LxGuideStar is very easy to use, just connect to the telescope once, and the telescope will be remembered or future sessions until you change it. Set up your pixel resolution and connect to the camera. Then just pick a guidestar and you are already guiding!

A unique feature of LxGuideStar is that it controls the telescope via a DLL with a very simple and open interface. If you have a some programming skill, you can easily write your own DLL for use with LxGuideStar. If you do that, please contact me and I will include it in the list of available LxGuideStar telescope DLLs, so that others can benefit from your work.



Telescope Plugins

LxGuideStar telescope DLLs
Please to be included on this list if you write a telescope plugin!
Please review DLL interface documentation.

Name Telescope Interface Provided by Description
lxgTelescopeFile File Interface C. Arnholm This is included in the setup program. It simply writes two files, X.DAT and Y.DAT that another program (e.g. MTSca Pro) can pick up and use for guiding.
Source code (MSVC++ 6.0):


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Download LxGuideStar_v1_0b9.exe (beta version 1.0b09)