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K3FakeLog - Generate K3 log files

Before you read any further, please visit the K3CCDTools home page to learn about the features of K3CCDTools. Please observe that K3CCDTools is written and owned by Peter Katreniak.

Why K3FakeLog ?

In K3CCDTools, you can capture AVI files with accompanied log files, describing the exact time and exposure length of each captured frame. This log file can be used to display the exact time information in the K3CCDTools frame list as shown at right.

Even more interesting is the fact that you can use the K3CCDTools "Output Filter Manager" to create real-time or time-lapse videos, showing a running digital clock in the image. Some examples of such time lapse videos can be seen at

Notice that the source video of such animations may have been made with K3CCDTools, or it may have been created in a completely different manner, sometimes not using a camera at all. It means that the K3CCDTools log file required for making a time-lapse video may not always exist.

So we need a way to generate log files for such cases.

The K3FakeLog program

Using K3FakeLog, you simply use the "AVI File" button to open (or drag/drop from windows explorer) an AVI file into the dialog.

Based on file date/time and number of frames the program will provide some initial data required to generate the log file. If you the enter the exposure time and frame readout time values in seconds, the program has enough information to generate a log file. Notice that the sum of the exposure time and the frame readout time defines the time between the start of each frame.

Then simply press the "Generate log file" button to generate a log file compatible with K3CCDTools. Notice that by default, it adds a "_fake" suffix to avoid overwriting any real log files that may exist. Check the "Don't add the 'fake' suffix" checkbox to generate a file that K3CCDTools will recognise. The log file will be stored in the same directory as the AVI file.

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