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NGC 7635 - Bubble Nebula

Constellation: Cassiopeia

27/28 September 2007

Scope: Celestron C8 + f/6.3 reducer
Camera: Artemis 285
Filter: Astronomik Ha (13Nm)
Exposure (1x1 binning): 2h 34min
11x600sec 27. Sept
6x240sec 28. Sept
8x600sec 28. Sept
Guide scope: Takahashi FS60c
Guide camera: Vesta SC3 colour webcam
Mount: Vixen GPDX
Capture sw: Artemis Capture (to 16bit FITS)
Guiding sw: LxGuideStar
and MTSca Pro

Calibration: ImageTOOLSca bias,darks,flats
Stacking: ImageTOOLSca
Adjustments: Photoshop CS2

Image shown at left is reduced to 65%. Click image to see the full resolution result.

Click image for full size.

30. Aug 2006

Scope: C8 with Celestron 0.63 focal reducer
Filter: Atik 1.25" filter holder: IRB, R, G, B
Camera: Artemis 285
IRB exposures: 8x240s 1x1 binning
RGB exposures: R: 6x180s, G: 6x180s, B: 6x180s 2x2 binning
Guiding: Takahashi FS60c using SC3 bw
Guiding sw: K3CCDTools3 + MTSca Pro
Mount/Controller: Vixen GPDX/MTS-3SDI

- bias/dark/flat calibrated in ImageTOOLSca
- The LRGB channels were aligned and scaled using IRIS, according to .
- Photoshop CS2 was used to combine RGB with luminosity, according to Robert Gendlers

04. Sep 2005

Exposure: 10x300s unguided (PEC only)
Camera: Artemis 285, 2x2 binning
Filter: 13nm Astronomik Ha
Telescope: Celestron C14
Mount: Paramount ME
Location: ~1000m above sea level, southern Norway (Thanks to Ståle Kildahl!)

31. Aug 2005

C8 @ f3 and the SC3 BW webcam. This shot is unguided (PEC was enabled). 50x18.4 sec, IRB filter.