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Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann

Constellation: Fast moving!

Fragment C, 16 April, stereo version

Fragment C, 16 April, stereo version

The stereo image was constructed by Jim Davidson from my sequence shot 16. April. His description is

"I applied a -31 degree rotation to image 1 and 17 of the sequence, then displayed 17-1, each cropped to match the background. The movement of the comet had to be horizontal to get the right effect."

Fragment B, single 60s exposure

May 6, 2006, 22:32 UT
Fragment B, aligned on background stars

(1 MB, 1024x768 DivX)

May 5, 2006, 22:12 - 22:49 UT
Please follow the link to

(1 MB, 1024x768 DivX)

for a bigger and much improved animation. This new animation is based on exactly the same raw data as the animation shown below, but a new software package has been developed to allow the improvements :-)

April 16, 2006. 21:00 UT

Comet fragment C, Animation (click image at left to start)

April 16, 2006. 21:00 UT

Takahashi FS60c, Artemis 285, 28x240s exposures

Captured with Artemis Capture. Processed with K3CCDTools3, ImageTOOLSca, K3FakeLog, Photoshop CS2, AutoGK

Click image at left for animation. Please notice that Free DivX codec is required for playback.

The video file size is 972 KB.

See also Fragment C finder chart from Astrosite Groningen

Comet fragment C, still image

Below is based on the same capture as above, but processed as a still image. All 28 frames were aligned on the comet head (using K3CCDTools) and then stacked. The star trailing is due to the comets own movement against the background stars.