AngelScript CSG IDE

Download AngelScript CSG version V2.0-02, with IDE included
Windows 64bit here.
Linux (K)ubuntu 15.10 64bit here.

This is an update to previous articles part 1, ​​ part 2 and part3 on AngelScript CSG. It is a work in progress, the goal is to establish a powerful modelling system enabling Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) modelling based on the AngelScript scripting language.
Today's update is to introduce phase 2 of this project – the ​​ AngelScript CSG IDE. The first phase focused on the implementation of the scripting compiler, that is the command line program that interprets AngelScript .as files and turn them into OpenSCAD .csg files. The addition in phase 2 is an editor/IDE that allows easy editing of multiple AngelScript files with syntax highlighting, brace matching etc. It also runs the script compiler and highlights any errors in an easy manner. For model visualisation, launch OpenSCAD from within the IDE. If the .as file is changed/recompiled then OpenSCAD can be made to refresh automatically.

Below is a quick introduction to how it works. The user (you) writes AngelScript CSG code in the IDE and compiles it using either the Build menu, the green arrow in the toolbar or simply pressing F5 on the keyboard. This will save the *.as file to the disk and run the command line compiler, producing an OpenSCAD *.csg file. If you have not already done so you can launch OpenSCAD from the Build menu (or press F6) to view the 3d model.

If you set OpenSCAD to automatically reload modified files, you can simply continue editing the *.as file and press F5 and it will be updated automatically in OpenSCAD when required.

Angelscript CSG and OpenSCAD working together.

Below is an illustration of what happens if you make a coding mistake, you get an error message in red in the console window at bottom, and a red marker indicates the line of the first error. In the exampe, the user wrote 'doublex' by mistake instead of 'double'.

Highlighting coding errors (Windows)

The program also runs on Linux Kubuntu 15.10 64 bit. Below is the Find & Replace feature used under linux to fix a similar programming error.

Fixing coding errors (Linux)

All for today :-) Please give it a try and leave your comments below.


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