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Blogging with LibreOffice

This post is just a WordPress workflow test.

The goal (heading 3)

The goal is to find a reasonable way to edit a blog post in WordPress without using the online editor (previous 5 words underlined). The reason is that my internet connection is sometimes unreliable and after having lost the whole text of blog posts during editing, I prefer to edit, format save the text offline using LibreOffice.

This text is therefore edited and formatted entirely in LibreOffice 5, complete with hyperlinks. Below, I also include a one column/2 row borderless table with an image in the first row and a centered caption in the second row:

Above is a random image.
This is the centered image caption, complete with some bolded text.

Having formatted the text, one should be able to transfer the whole thing into WordPress by copy/paste or some other simple process. It goues without saying the transfer should be complete with formatting, tables, links and images. But when I try direct copy/paste, everything just disappears (previous 3 words in italics).

The solution? (heading 3)

Searching the web, I found that lots of of people have similar needs. One tip that seemed interesting was to work around the problem by first pasting the formatted text into an Online HTML editor and then from that into WordPress.

If you read this post, it means the procedure works.