In the Printrbot – Heated Bed post, I mentioned the covers to go over the wings of the heated bed.  I asked for comments to the blog posts, and today a request for the wings design files was posted in the comments of that post. I am therefore happy to say they are now available for download at

I have been using the printer with the wing covers quite extensively for about 3 weeks, and they work just as intended as far as I can tell.  Note that the photo shows a small rectangular hole on the left which is not in the uploaded model. The large rectangular hole is to allow access to the X belt tensioner. The smaller rectangular hole was not required and therefore removed in the model.

The covers are designed as solid parts, but printed with “hollow” infill and 0.8 mm skin. The parts should be hollow since air is a good heat insulator. With the insulation I can reach 60C bed temperature in 4-5 minutes and 100C in 19-20 minutes.

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