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ImageTOOLSca - Registration

First try the software, using the 40 day trial version available here. Once you are ready to register ImageTOOLSca, please follow these simple steps in the order shown: Payment via PayPal is accepted. To learn more about PayPal, click here.

Payment via PayPal


  • You don't need a PayPal account. Pay securely using only your credit card.

  • Simply use the "Buy Now" button below. With this payment option, the registration fee is 25 Euro, and you may fund the payment with a credit card. Please state what the payment is for in the "Payment For:" area that will be shown.

    Please also fill in the amount (25 Euro).

Activating your ImageTOOLSca license

After completing the payment and request for an activation code, you will receive an email with an activation code (marked in example below):

Simply cut/paste the activation code from the email as shown below. Then Press the "USE ACTIVATION CODE" button, and finally press OK. The licensing dialog will then no longer appear when you use the program.