Plato craterlets with a C8

Plato with tiny craterlets. Image stacking and processing reveals small "craterlets" inside Plato itself! March 23, 2002. C8, f/30, Vesta 675k webcam. Compare this image with the image made by Roland Christen using a 10" Maksutov-Cassegrain. Another interesting page on Plato craterlets can be found here.

Also in this picture, we are seeing a strange shadow of the crater wall (the peak below center). Could this be the famous Plato's Hook That was observed by Wilkins and Moore in 1952?

Move the mouse in and out of the picture to see the craterlet numbers.

Crater Number Diameter
1 2.5 km
2 2.1 km
3 2.0 km
4 1.9 km
5 1.7 km