Here the DEC shaft has been greased and partly reassembled. Notice in particular
  • The DEC shaft has been completely greased on all bearing surfaces.

  • Plastic washers have been regreased and replaced on both sides of worm gear.

  • The worm gear has been regreased on the inside and on both ends. This picture shows it greased also on the outside, but it is really only the worm gear teeth that should be greased, the smooth part does not bear on anything and the DEC lock screw uses the smooth part of the worm gear, so it is preferably left ungreased.

  • The worm gear has been repositioned back on DEC shaft. Notice the teeth go in first.

  • The DEC housing has been regreased on all bearing surfaces inside.

  • The red plastic button is put back in place under the DEC lock screw.