Starting out with some necessary tools
  • Biral LTG Low temperature Grease

  • Toothbrush useful for cleaning

  • Q-tips for applying grease.

  • Solvent, not shown. I used 95 octane unleaded gasoline. Be extremely careful with such liquid, wrong use can cause a fatal explosion. Use at your own risk and only under open air and under no circumstance inside your home. It is YOUR responsibility to follow adequate safety procedures.

  • Pen and paper for making notes

  • Allen wrenches & small screwdrivers

  • A piece of wood and some nails for making a spanner tool required for unlocking the ring nuts.

  • A caliper (not shown) for measuring spanner tool distances.

  • I later found that a Torx T5 tool was needed for removing the retaining rings on the RA axis.

  • A camera to shoot images of your progress is always useful.