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Constellation: Andromeda

November 03, 2007

C8 @ F6, Artemis 285
L: 13x480s 1x1 (IRB-filter)
R: 9x180s 2x2
G: 8x480s 2x2
B: 10x480s 2x2

Click image for large version.

Capture: ArtemisCapture
Autoguiding: wxAstroCapture (FS60c)
Calibration: ImageTOOLSca
Stacking: ImageTOOLSca
LRGB processing: IRIS + Photoshop CS2

This was an excercise image after very long pause in LRGB imaging. There are many imperfections due to using old flats and darks. The FS60c was mounted "piggyback-style" and guiding with Vesta SC3 colour.

The guiding with wxAstroCapture was using File Interface towards MTSca Pro. It will be interesting to see how wxAstroCapture native telescope control might work when that is completed.

December 11, 2006.
NGC891, C8 @ F6, Artemis 285
L: 43x180s 1x1
Click image for full size
December 9, 2006.
NGC891, C8 @ F6, Artemis 285, Astronomik LRGB filters
L: 20x240s 1x1
R: 20x120s 2x2
G: 21x120s 2x2
B: 15x120s 2x2

Each channel calibrated with bias/darks/flats in ImageVIEWca
Each channel aligned and stacked in ImageVIEWca (new feature!)
LRGB assembled using IRIS and Photoshop CS

Due to heavy dew problems, this image appears somewhat fuzzy.

August 24, 2004.
NGC891, C8, Vesta 690 SC3 B/W camera, 0.33x Meade reducer.
64 x 13.4sec
October 26, 2003.
NGC891 shot using my C8 and Vesta 690 SC3 B/W camera, with 0.6x focal reducer.

The image is a mosaic of 2 series 80x25sec and 90x25 sec. Increasing fog and clouds made it difficult, and leaves it open for another try under better conditions.