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Constellation: Camelopardalis

NGC2403 is a face on spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis, it belongs to the M81 group of galaxies. The dimension is about 23.5' x 12'. The surface brightness is 14.4 so it is rather faint.

10 February 2007
LRGB Exposures, Artemis 285. C8 @ f6 (fl. ~1200mm)
14x240s Astronomik IRB filter, binning 1x1
12x120s Astronomik R filter, binning 2x2
15x120s Astronomik G filter, binning 2x2
14x120s Astronomik B filter, binning 2x2
Autoguiding: Takahashi FS60c (fl. 354mm) and Vesta SC3 webcam
Mount: Vixen GPDX. FS60C mounted at the end of counterweight shaft.

Artemis Capture was used for imaging
Guiding was done using LxGuideStar and MTSca Pro
Calibration and stacking with ImageTOOLSca. LRGB with IRIS and Photoshop CS2.

The temperature was -15C with ot of fog/frost in the air. This limited the amount of frames that could be taken. Just over midnight the skies closed, no stars could be seen.

The image above can be compared with the SN2004dj image taken in 2004 using a BW SC3 camera and Meade F3.3 focal reducer: