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Messier Catalog - M45 - Pleiades Cluster

Constellation: Taurus

October 22, 2003.
Merope in M45.
111x28 seconds, SC3 camera, C8 @ f6
Very clear and cold conditions (about -8C). Captured and stacked in K3CCDTools transferred to Registax as 32 bit FITS files and from Registax to Photoshop as 48bit TIFF file. Levels and curves tweaked in Photoshop before saving as JPEG.

All images below were shot with my old Vesta 675K SC1 camera (uncooled).

M45, The Pleiades star cluster, 26. October 2002. 50x9.5 second, Vesta 675K SC1. Using 55mm Super Takumar 1:1.8, stopped down to f2.8.