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Messier Catalog - M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

Constellation: Andromeda

10 September 2007

Scope: Takahashi FS60c
Camera: Artemis 285
Filters: IRB
Exposure (1x1 binning): 2x20x180sec
Guide scope: Celestron C8 with 0.66x Celestron focal reducer
Guide camera: Vesta SC3 bw webcam
Mount: Vixen GPDX
Capture sw: Artemis Capture (to 16bit FITS)
Guiding sw: LxGuideStar and MTSca Pro

Calibration: ImageTOOLSca bias, darks, flats
Stacking: K3CCDTools
Adjustments: Photoshop CS2

October 03, 2003.
A "different" Andromeda.
It is a mosaic of 2 series, one 6x20sec near the core and one 20x30sec in the "rings". I forgot to shoot dark frames, so a few hot pixels can be seen, but still the amount of structure in the galaxy is rather interesting. The foreground stars are Milky Way stars. I used my C8 with Vesta SC3 b/w and a 0.6x Mogg adapter.

All images below were shot with my old Vesta 675K SC1 camera (uncooled).

M31, The Andromeda galaxy, 26. October 2002. My first galaxy ever. Due to the size of the galaxy, I used an SLR lens mounted piggyback on the mount. Camera: Vesta 675K SC1. Only "Environmental Cooling", temp= 0 C. Lens: 55mm Super Takumar 1:1.8, stopped down to f2.8. Filters: None. Exposure: 100x20.5 sec exposures with K3CCDTools. Processing: Registax and Photoshop.