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Messier Catalog - M13

Constellation: Hercules

m13, 16. April 2006. Takahashi FS60c Artemis 285, Exposure 10x120s
Autoguided C8@f3, Vesta SC3 bw.
The galaxy NGC6207 is visible at upper left (Mag 12.9, size 3.0'x 1.2')

m13, 21. April 2004. C8, F/2.7. Vesta 690K SC3 (using Meade 0.33x focal reducer), Atik IRB filter
M13, The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules 13. August 2002. My first ever attempt at imaging a globular cluster. What a great success! 100 x 10 seconds, C8, F/3.3. Vesta 675K SC1.