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Constellation: Cassiopeia

After seeing Tom How's image of IC1805, I was inspired to try something similar. Tom used his Astrodon 6nm Ha filter, while I used my 13nm Astronomik filter. We both use an Artemis 285 camera, but the scopes are not quite the same. See his page for setup details.

12 November 2006

Scope: Celestron C8 with Celestron 0.63 reducer
Camera: Artemis 285
Filters: Astronomik Ha (13Nm)
Exposure (2x2 binning): 30x240sec
Guide scope: Takahashi FS60c
Guide camera: Vesta SC3 bw webcam
Mount: Vixen GPDX
Capture sw: Artemis Capture (to 16bit FITS)
Guiding sw: K3CCDTools3 and MTSca Pro

Calibration: ImageTOOLSca bias/darks/flats
Stacking: K3CCDTools3
Mosaic and Adjustments: Photoshop CS2