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Comet 2p/Encke

Constellation: Auriga (September 27, 2003)

September 27, 2003.
RA = 02h21.03m, DEC = +33o06'.8 (2000.0).

This is a confirmed animation showing Encke's comet.
frame a: stack of 58x30.3 sek
from 27.09.2003 21:40:14 UT to 22:10:00 UT
frame b: stack of 35x30.3 sek
from 27.09.2003 22:32:34 UT to 22:50:01 UT

October 25, 2003. I tried the comet 2p/Encke again and this time I can report it has got a tail now. I captured 156x45 sec using my C8 @ f6 and Vesta SC3. I stacked the images both by aligning on background stars and by aligning on the comet itself. In the last case the tail becomes visible.

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