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Almost every day I check for comments to the posts, but find that all I get is spam posts in the spam filter :-) Does that mean no-one reads this blog? Perhaps, but the visitor count is increasing …

If you happen to visit and find something of interest, you are now encouraged to make a comment, if you prefer you can do it anonymously. With comment feedback you may influence the contents of future posts, otherwise I get 100% of the votes and that’s not fair :-)

You can for example begin with a simple hello below this post!

5 thoughts on “About comments”

  1. thanks for posting. Checking out your upgrades and trip with the Printrbot Simple.
    Question, did your kit not come with the metal handle or is this a later Printrbot addition,
    Do you prefer your spool up top?

  2. Hi robyn, Please post in the Printrbot threads, I didn’t notice this here until now. No, my printer didn’t have the handle. Yes, I prefer the spool on top, it minimises friction, which is quite important for even extrusion.

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